As a professional construction company, the talented team at TM Construction only works with the best materials. Our staff members produce consistent results and offer reliable work ethics on every project they work on. Everything we work on is built on a strong foundation using the best materials, which means it’s built to last. TM Construction is a full-service Construction company based in Hampshire. From initial design to the final product, our results speak for themselves. With a team of professionals who prioritize top quality service, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the excellent results we’ll deliver.


The team at TM Construction provide a broad range of hard and soft landscaping features across the UK, and see through installations from design to construction to maintenance. From beautiful decking's to stunning patio's, no matter the size, scale or complexity of your project, we have the workforce and equipment to design and create beautiful landscaping for any purpose.

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TM Construction can create beautiful brickwork for your home and garden, thereby transforming the appearance of your property. Our brick and stonework can even be incorporated into designs for planters, raised flower beds or a new water feature or pond.

In the case of repairs, we are skilled and experienced at renewing and strengthening existing poor or ageing brickwork, creating a quality, lasting and attractive finish that’s as good as new.



TM Construction are experts at creating beautiful new build homes that perfectly balance traditional building techniques with a stunning modern finish.   Get in touch and discuss how we can create your ideal home, from scratch. We lay every brick and every board with absolute precision: perfect to every last detail.

Extensions and Alterations

Is your family growing, or are you looking to make the most of existing space? We can help you maximise your space and add value to your home with a high-quality extension or structural alteration.



Some of the other services we provide include, Tree Surgery, Garden Maintenance, Drainage and much much more! We are a vary capable company that loves taking on new challenges. For any of your property needs get in contact and we'd be more than happy to help.